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February 2024

Forbidden Love , sculpture

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Happy to present my latest sculpture ‘Forbidden Love’.  H 210cm x W 52cm x D 30cm , handmade madder, mulberry dye/pigments, silk, wool, mulberry tree branches. 2023

‘Forbidden Love’ is part of the series ‘Stains of Forbidden Love’ inspired by my love for the Belsize Park mulberry tree who is now 400+ years young. Planted by James I for silk production but she was the wrong type of mulberry…..makes me love her more.

The mulberry tree is the “tree of life” and “herb of immortality”, one of the oldest plant used by humans. The sprit of mulberry encourages us to set aside our fears of scarcity and rejoice in gratitude and abundance.Forbidden love, W52cm x H210 xD 30- 120 varied,handmade dye:pigment Madder, mulberry, silk, wool, 2023, Justine Johnson 1Forbidden Love, W52cm x H 210 x D30-120 variable, handmade natural madder, mulberry dye:pigment , silk, wool, mulberry, 2023 Justine Johnson SV5,Forbidden Love, detail , handmade natural madder, mulberry dye, pigment, silk,wool,2023, Justine Johnson jForbidden Love, Jj, Back view 2